User: F. David Niederauer


I was born in San Jose, CA in 1942. I lived there until 1969 when I got married and moved to Los Gatos, CA. We’re still there. I spent my career as an entrepreneur selling major appliances and home entertainment systems with my own retail business. Since I was six years old magic has been my hobby. Of course I had quite a few card decks but I didn’t become “crazy” about them until 2016. Then I had maybe +-30 decks. Today the number is “too many”. My collection is mostly limited to three types of decks. The main decks I am collecting are Bicycle Rider Back decks. I currently have ~150 different color or color combinations of Rider Back decks. I’m also interested in the Bicycle Maiden, Mandolin, and Paris Back decks. Also the decks thar are custom designed with modifications to these basic designs. The third groups of decks I collect are Marked Decks. There are many ingenious marked decks that really fascinate me. I especially enjoy the “Reader” style. I’m currently getting all my decks “organized” with the Rider decks being top of the to-do list. I’m happy I found P52. It will be a huge help and hope to soon be able to add some new decks to the P52 pages.