With 133 powerful oracle cards, the iN2IT Oracle 2nd Edition is the most current release of our flagship oracle deck ~ The iN2IT Oracle ~ which originally sold out in 2019. Comprised of several different types of oracle cards (w/two to three times as many cards as most other decks), this luxury oracle deck is incredibly fun to use in unlimited card combinations and never gets boring! There is simply nothing more empowering than to be able to tune into your own inner knowing to discern information about important situations and relationships in your life and those of others. Our unique oracle deck was created and designed to empower you by helping increase your intuitive abilities naturally while you practice connecting with your own higher guidance and it does just that! This is the perfect oracle cards for beginners and adept oracle readers and tarot readers alike. Keywords give you a really good understanding of the spectrum of meaning for the cards, all without having to reach for a book. So, what is included? 72 Lenormand Oracle Cards First, 72 cards of our oracle deck are a twist on the original object-based, Lenormand oracle cards reading system. We include the original 36 Lenormand cards, along with another set of 36 Lenormand oracle cards. Lenormand oracle reading is typically quite challenging because it requires memorizing object meanings; however, The iN2IT Oracle eliminates that obstacle by including a plethora of keywords on each card. This makes reading our oracle cards simple and yet delivers rich meaning. Whether you read these cards one-at-a-time standalone, or in combination with other cards, you will find an endless variety and depth to any of your readings! 25 Spirit Animal Cards While Aria was creating this deck, she kept getting influence from animal spirits and was inspired to add the Spirit Animal Cards which reveal the secrets of nature, spirit and Source/God connection. As these Spirit Animal Cards show themselves throughout a reading, they bring characteristics of animal energy to enrich the messages. All cards come with keywords of course! 36 Bonus Cards w/Keywords Included in this deck are also 12 Zodiac Signs with all the significance of Astrological energetic influence as well as TIMING possibilities for your readings. We include 10 Planetary Cards that offer the planetary energies into to your readings, plus a Gaia (Earth) card. Together, the Zodiac and Planetary Influence oracle cards relate to the 22 cards of the major arcana in tarot. We also include 13 dancers that represent the four (4) seasons and moon phases, the five (5) elements, three (3) modalities and even (1) twin flame card. Our unique oracle deck will help you to gain new understandings and higher perspectives on life situations and relationships which enable you to unlearn old stories and patterns and find new ways to look at things. This brings you self empowerment, clarity, peace and enlightment, as well as encouragement and hope during challenging times. Deluxe Oracle Cards & Packaging: -Cards sized for easy handling and shuffling - 62x100mm -Casino-quality playing card stock w/semi-gloss aqueous coating and linen finish -Elegant one-part box w/magnetic flap enclosure -Ribbon lift for easy card retrieval -Gemstone compartment w/stones -Z-fold pamphlet with hints & suggested use -Branded shipping box to keep your product safe during shipping. THIS DECK ALSO INCLUDES IN2IT's Signature Gemstones: Clearing your oracle deck and surroundings is important to help maintain clarity and harmonize the energy of your oracle readings so we include a bag of tourmalated quartz gemstones to help you in that process. Tourmalated quartz amplifies light energy, clears the auric field of negativity, and creates a powerful protective field of light. It also connects beautifully with all chakras, but in particular the 3rd eye and crown chakras while also providing strong grounding for the root chakra. This completed energetic flow enables all the chakras to emanate more white light from the crown chakra, heightening your connection to the Higher Self or Spirit and returning you to a state of higher consciousness. USE OF OUR DECK: This member of the iN2IT family of oracle decks can be used in a stand-alone oracle reading or in combination with our other oracle and tarot decks, such as the iN2IT Oracle 2nd Edition, the original iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio (out of print but coming back soon!), the Zodiac 108 and the Contra Versa Tarot. OR you can use ANY OTHER FAVORITE tarot or oracle deck FROM YOUR COLLECTION. Either alone or used with other oracle and tarot decks, this twin flame oracle deck will help you gain clarity and comfort from all relationship readings. Why Choose iN2IT Decks? MORE CARDS THAN MOST ORACLE DECKS Most oracle decks contain 44 to 55 cards. iN2IT Oracle decks have THREE TIMES AS MANY CARDS! We designed our decks to have approximately 130 cards so that you have the ability to pull many more cards in a reading from the deck without getting tired of the same cards. Even when using in conjunction with other decks, our decks bring depth to your readings. KEYWORDS Our (often) object-based oracles with keywords allow you to read the energy of the cards by using a plethora of keywords so that you don't need to memorize the meaning of objects and the combinations thereof, you don't need a book to tell you the meanings of the cards AND you have a lot of words to choose from. Higher Self and Inner Knowing often help select the words that resonate in your readings just by jumping out at you! SMALLER, EASY-TO-HANDLE CARD SIZE Our trump-size oracle cards are about the same size as a standard playing card but slightly narrower and taller so they are easy to handle. This oracle card size is large enough to leave plenty of room for the many keywords on each card, but small enough to be able to shuffle like normal playing cards. They take up less space on your table as well! HIGH QUALITY PAPER Most oracle decks use different thicknesses of art paper which can be harder to handle. iN2IT oracle decks use a more expensive, casino-quality, playing card stock with aqueous coating that makes them a more flexible material, while being extremely durable! And the biggest benefit we find is a deck that is easy for you to shuffle! And these cards riffle and jump like very few decks we've seen. That makes it fun to use! NO BOOK NEEDED We do provide an insert as guidance on how to use the deck, but our decks use a whole range of keywords so that it prompts you to the card meanings. It becomes a lexicon of word choices for you to use based on what your inner knowing is telling you so that you don't have to refer to a book each time you want to find out what a card means. And, you don't have to rely on the author's interpretation. The keywords we have chosen leave the option to use your own words to describe what you are seeing in your own knowing! CUSTOM MAGNETIC CLOSURE BOX WITH GEM STONES While most oracle decks come in a standard two part box, or sometimes a light weight cardboard box that falls apart, iN2IT oracle decks all come housed in a sturdy, one part magnetic closure box with ribbon so that you can easily retrieve your deck. And we also include some gemstones so that your deck stays cleared and charged. And our branded shipping box is an extra layer of protection for mailing or storage. Our packaging makes these decks perfect for collecting! SYNGERY BETWEEN DECKS iN2IT oracle decks work well together OR with other decks you already have. Go here to see how our decks differ from each other and how they work together. Each deck we publish in our line work well together and can be used to dive deeper into a reading to get more information on any questions you may have. We have found that Source gives clear indication of which decks to use for what questions which is the beautiful part of tuning into your inner knowing.


EDITION:Second Edition