Your Profile Overview

At any time you can click the top right corner icon to jump to your personal profile page. The profile page is split into 3 sections: your Header, Portfolio Tab, and Badge Tab. Your Header is completely customizeable. Click "Edit Profile" to update your avatar image, header background, biography, and personal information. Click save when done to update your profile. Your Portfolio Tab will show on default and be the home to your 3 main collection blocks: Your Collection List, Tradelist, and Wishlist. Here you will be able to see quick stats of each. Click on a specific block to open up your full itemized collection where you can edit order, take notes, and get more detailed with your inventory. Drag-and-Drop to change order. Click the dropdown if you would like to see your decks by "Custom Ordering, Recently Added, or Alphabetical". You also have the option to click the icons next to it to view your collections in "Grid View" or "List View". On the left of your collection will be share buttons if you would like to share them with others on social media. To get back to your profile view simply click your avatar in your bio or in the top right navigation. Your Badges/Actions Tab is under development and currently shows recent action history.

Searching (Discover vs. Filter)

The Discover search bar (also available in navigation) is a great way to do a quick direct search on an item that you know already exists. If you've ever stumbled upon something that crossed your eye and wanted to learn more about it, a Discover search would be the best way to pinpoint the deck and pull up the available information on it. The Filter search is more reactive than Discover. Rather than being limited to 1 search term, Filter's biggest capability is managing multiple search terms. This is for when you are not quite sure what you are looking for. By selecting/deselecting each tag you will be widening or shrinking your search results.

Adding Decks and Editing Missing Fields

This site is run on open source help from the community in which anyone can contribute. There are two main ways to contribute. You can either "Add a New Deck" or "Edit/Add" an existing deck entry. If you search and do not find a specific deck you can access "Add a New Deck" in your profile navigation dropdown and upload the appropriate information on the new page. If you see a deck that is missing information you can simply scroll to the bottom right of the deck page and click "Edit/Add" which will bring you to the revision page. There you can update the deck to correctness.

The Discover Feed

The Discover Feed is a great way to simply browse for inspiration. Jump to the Discover tab and browse countless decks from various countries, companies, and dates. The Discover Feed can also be customized based on your browsing preferences. Click the dropdown to reveal 4 different options: Random, Newest, Oldest, and Alphabetical. "Newest" and "Oldest" refer not to actual production dates but to additions to the database. If looking for a specific date, using the search bar is best. The two icons next to the dropdown are "grid view" and "list view" which you can toggle between depending on if you prefer visual graphics or textual information in your browsing.


Besides filtering, reviews are the newest feature to appear on version 2.0. Now you can share your reviews on a specific deck. To do so, simply click the deck to access the full page info and click the "Reviews" tab on the right. Here you can write a review and see the reviews of others. You can leave a rating and even include your own video review if you have one. Note that YOU SHOULD OWN THE VIDEO before adding the review. Spam will not be tolerated. The most helpful reviews will be the ones that garner the most respect. If you see a review that you think is helpful you can upvote the review. This encourages honest and fair reviews overall.

The Quick-View Box

When clicking on any deck while browsing you will be accessing the "Quick-View" Box. Here you will be able to see core information at a moments notice. This includes the deck name, year, description, image close ups, as well as personalized information that you can edit within the box right then and there including adding a deck to one of your lists and adding personal notes. If you have a specific filter in place and want to view all the decks you can click left or right of the "Quick-View" Box to view the previous and next deck information as well. Click "Full Page Info" to be brought to the Deck Page to see more information specification and galleries.

Troubleshooting / Feedback

For frequently asked questions click "FAQ" in the footer. For all other questions, feedback, and bug submissions, contact us directly at info@portfolio52.com or click the mail icon in the footer.


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