For more information on site usage check out the LEARN section

Q: How do I remove a deck from my list?
A: Next to each list quantity is a logo and a dash below. Click the logo to add the deck and click the dash to remove the deck. Your quantity totals will automatically update.

Q: If I have a numbered deck, how can I specify it?
A: When clicking on your deck, you have a private notes section that only you can see where you can jot down any specifics you like including edition type, condition, deck number and more. Just be sure to save once you're done.

Q: What do ratings do?
These are your personal ratings for a deck that you can add to remind you of your favorite decks. You can update your ratings on any deck at any time. If you write a review this rating is then shown to the public to help express your excitement or disappointment for a deck. In the future if requested we may use these ratings to help create your own personal recommendation feed to help show you only the decks that you prefer.

Q: What are the XP Points and Badges/Actions tab?
These help show the engagement levels of each user among the community.

Q: My review/edit didn't show up. Why is that?
Everyone is encouraged to add and update the database, but to keep the site's integrity against spam bots we have each submission go through approval to ensure the content is correct or appropriate.

Q: I'm a company/designer and I don't see my deck in here. How do I add it?
Companies and designers are encouraged to add and edit their own decks. This is the best way to make sure that their creations are represented properly to the world with high quality images, descriptions, and data fields that are known to be correct. To add a deck click your profile in the top right hand corner to open the dropdown. Click "Add New Deck" to fill out your information. To edit your deck that is already existing, scroll down the deck page and click "Edit/Add" in the bottom right corner to open up the revision window to fill out your information.

Q: Why doesn't the filter show anything in my search if I know it exists?
The playing card world is extremely large while the site is relatively new.  The filter and search functions work by scanning for specific terms of specific fields. If a deck is uploaded without those fields your deck may still be in the database but will not be searchable.

If you know a deck is in the database but it won't show in the filter, you can search for it by title and then from the deck page click "Edit/Add" in the bottom right corner to open up the revision window to fill out your information.

Q: Why can't I upload a new deck?
There are certain base requirements that we look for in a new deck upload including a proper image, title, and company field filled out. Not every field needs to be filled upon upload (although encouraged), but the basics do need to be there to help maintain clarity over the position the deck has within the database.

Q: Can I resize the image grid to bigger or smaller?
A: The 4 across format was created to help show the detail of the cards better with scrolling as well as making it most functional in a responsive format. Currently there is no way to edit grid size but it is definitely something we are looking into for future builds.